About WishPlatter Foody

WishPlatter Foody is a powerful food ordering system allowing users to search & find restaurants for their specific location , search & find restaurants serving their favorite dish or cuisine  & order online or offline. It also enable restaurants to have their online presence, to create an online restaurant/s or food delivery business and give each of the registered restaurants their own dashboard to manage their menu, dishes, coupons, orders, withdraw and profile settings, all from the front-end. WishPlatter Foody can be used in any country, any city and any number of restaurants.

How it works

  1. Users browse the site to find a restaurant or their favorite dish.
  2. Users then make an order online and choose the payment method.
  3. Restaurant processes orders through their WishPlatter Foody dashboard.
  4. User gets his order and reviews the restaurant.
  5. Site owner gets his commission and the rest goes to the restaurant account.

WishPlatter Foody features:

  • All device compatible , use it on Mobile , Tablet , Desktop.
  • Unique front page dish search and filtering.
  • Restaurant rating & reviews.
  • Check Restaurant Tables & make a booking.
  • Unique restaurant page including restaurant menu, social, and other information.
  • Regular articles related to food , cuisines & health.
  • E-commerce Enabled.
  • Smart user guiding with cookies.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Regular Updates.

To Order food Click here . Or To register as restaurant click on user icon at the top menu bar.

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