Create & Manage your online restaurant

Manage your WishPlatter Foody Restaurant.

Creating a seller account on WishPlatter Foody website is like creating a webpage for selling your dishes but without the need of having a domain, hosting service, web developer, and lots of other requirements and costs.

After registering as seller and approved by the website admin, you are ready to start posting your products, receive orders and start gaining profit..

To open a restaurant account, follow these steps:

  1. From the website homepage,click on the user icon at the top menu bar.
  2. Click on the “Register” tab.
  3. Enter your email address and password and check the “I Have a Restaurant” option.
  4. Complete filling the form.
  5. Click on the “Register”button.

Once you complete registering, your account will be either ready for selling, or pending an admin approval, if it requires an admin approval, you will get an email message once the admin has approved you for selling.

Once you have the “Seller” privileges approved by admin, you can access your dashboard. Login to the website with your account details, click on the user icon at the top menu bar and click on “Your Dashboard” menu where you will see a list of your front-end dashboard pages that we are going to explain below.


This page will include quick summaries on your sales and refunds by day, week, month, last month, and year or custom date, you will also see your current balance, orders statistics, top ten selling items and top customers ordered by money spent in your restaurant.


The products page will list all products you have posted that shows in your restaurant page as menu. hovering on a product will show links to edit, delete and view the product.

Posting a new product

Click on the “add new product” link on the filtering bar of the products page. The product form is simple and any input that might need explanation has a “[?]” at its title end, hover on that to see the description. You can add three types of products,

simple, grouped and variable, we will explain these types of products below.

A simple dish

A simple dish is an ordinary dish you serve in your restaurant that might have different attributes like flavor, cooking type.. etc but those attributes have no extra cost on the dish. The “Item Type” select input in the new product form is set to “Simple” by default, so if you wish to post a simple product simply complete filling the product form. The only thing to elaborate more here is setting the product attributes which are the details of the item, like, flovor, size .. etc

Adding an attribute:

  1. Click on the “Attributes” tab.
  2. You can select an attribute from the list of some attributes used before by other products or a custom attribute.
  3. Click on “Add”.
  4. Enter a name for the attribute in the name input like: flavor, Sauce, Size…etc.
  5. Enter some attributes like: Lemon flavor, Chicken flavor, Big, Small  .. etc. Separate attributes with a |
  6. Finally click on “Save Attributes”

To add an other attribute, follow the above steps again.

A Variable Dish

A variable dish is an ordinary dish you serve in your restaurant that might have different attributes like flavor, size .. etc, but those attributes will add extra cost on the dish. To post a variable product, select “Variable” in the “Item Type” select input in the new product form and the “Variations” tab will appear. A variation means adding more details on an attribute to effect the price of the item.

Adding a variation

  1. Click on the “Variations” tab. If you have already set some attributes you will be able to add variations, but if not, add attributes by following the steps above and make sure you check the “Used for variations”option on each attribute.
  2. Select to “Add variation” or “Add variations from all attributes”.
  3. Click on “Go” button.
  4. Fill the inputs.
  5. Click on the “Save Changes” button.

Now that you have added a variation, a select menu will appear on the default “Add to cart” button to choose a variation before being able to add to cart.

A Grouped product

A Grouped product means this product will include a group of simple or variable products, i.e restaurant meals, family package.. etc. By purchasing a grouped product the customer is actually purchasing a group of other product in one time.

Adding a grouped product

  1. Select “Grouped” in the “ItemType” select input in the new product form.
  2. Enter product title, item recipe and finally click the “Post item” button.

Now the grouped product is ready but it’s empty. To add products to the group, edit the products you want to

include and:

  1. Click on the “Linked Products” tab.
  2. Select the grouped product title you just created from the “Grouping” input.
  3. Save the changes.


This is the main part of your business. Managing your orders is almost all the work you are going to do while restaurant is open. Everyday when you open, click on “Orders” from your dashboard menu and keep the screen open. any new order you receive via the website will auto appear in your “On-hold” orders list.

Processing an order is simply changing its status, you can directly change its status from the list or click on the order ID and update the status.

You can view all details of the order by clicking on the order ID. You can also add notes for the customer, these notes will be sent to his email address.


Adding coupons for your items will help increase your sales. Coupons will appear for publice in the header of your restaurant page. To manage your coupons, click on “Coupons” in your dashboard menu.

The coupons page will list all coupons you created with quick info. You can edit delete or add new coupon from this page.

To add a new coupon, click on the “Add new Coupon” link, fill the coupon forum and hit “Create Coupon”.


Your withdraw page will show you your withdraw activity, your pending, completed, and rejected request You can submit only one withdraw at a time.

Once you submit a withdraw request, you will then get email notices on any updates on your request from the website admin, if the withdraw order is approved and its amount was transferred to you, it will be listed under the “Completed” requests. completed requests will probably include an invoice image, click on the request to view the invoice and the rejected orders will include a reject note.

While the request is on pending, you can delete it and add a new request.


All settings regarding your restaurant account are located under the “Settings” page in your dashboard. To access

your account settings click on “Settings” in your dashboard menu.

The Settings page include seven tabs:

  1. General Settings.
  2. Delivery Settings.
  3. Orders Settings.
  4. Social Profile.
  5. Opening/ClosingTiming.
  6. Withdraw Method.
  7. Restaurant Tables.

Each tab page includes a description and all settings are clear and simple. Explore your settings page tabs and make sure you fill and set all your settings because a complete profile will increase notation of your restaurant and increase sales.



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